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UI Design

Spotlight Profile

Spotlight Profile already existed internationally, but had to serve the Dutch market with its services in a slimmer form. The website had to efficiently guide the visitor, both B2B and B2C, to the right information and offer tools at logical locations that convert the user into a lead. In a short time I designed a new ux design for SpotlightProfile with a focus on simplicity in use.

In three steps to a new design

SpotlightProfile helps people and organizations move forward. SpotlightProfile asked me to design a solution for coaches, employees and companies in a short period of time with their tool in which you learn to adjust your preferred behaviour. This solution fits in seamlessly with values that SpotlightProfile considers of paramount importance: innovative and as simple and understandable as possible. I carried out the project in a short period of time based on the three-step design approach: 'understand, ideate, create'.

First, understand the customer

I started with 'understand': an inventory of the current situation. In what context do customers use the SpotlightProfile tool? What tasks do they perform with it and what ideas do they have for improvement? I collected input for the design by speaking with coaches and organizations from different industries. I then drew up a customer journey with the pain points and moments of truth for six main tasks (such as a B2B information request or viewing training data for individuals).

Generate innovative ideas

The second step 'ideate' is all about creativity. I developed innovative ideas in a brainstorming session. I first visualized this in sketches and then translated it into a concept for a dashboard in the new online environment. I tested the detailed screens in practice with users. Based on their feedback, I refined the concept design.

Solution prototype

In the third step, 'create', I worked out the details of the design in an interactive prototype (built in AdobeXD). This prototype allowed users to realistically test tasks from start to finish. The code of the prototype was immediately usable by developers from the building party.

Future ready

With my design approach, I developed an online solution for SpotlightProfile in a short period of time:

  • Based on customer research.
  • With an optimal user experience.
  • Described in a style guide with a view to maintenance and further development.
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