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Web development

Si Cooki


We worked closely with the client to understand their business, goals, and target audience, and used this information to create a visually appealing and user-friendly website that effectively represents the brand. This involved designing and developing a layout and navigation structure that was easy to use and met the client's specific needs.

To ensure that the website was cohesive and consistent with the client's branding, we desgned and developed carefully selected colors, fonts, and imagery that aligned with the client's brand message and values.


Si cooki wanted MHmarketing to design and develop a visually appealing and user-friendly website that effectively represents the brand and meets the needs of the client.


Without a clear understanding of the content that would be included in the design, it was challenging to determine what elements of the branding, such as colors, fonts, and imagery, will be most effective in conveying the desired brand message. As the content of the client was not yet available, it was difficult to determine how much space will be needed for text and other elements, which impacted the overall layout and design of the UI.


1. Know the client’s story: By taking the time to get to know the client and their brand story, the we can create a design that accurately reflects the client and their values, and helps them achieve their business goals.

2. Content is key: We worked closely with the content creator to ensure that the design and branding elements are cohesive and consistent with the overall brand message. This involved creating placeholder content andmockups to give an idea of how the design will look and function with the final content in place. MHmarketingestablished clear guidelines for the brand elements, such as colors and fonts, to ensure that they are used consistently throughout the design.

3. Research and test third-party plugins before implementing.


Discovery: We conducted interviews with the client to learn more about their business, goals, target audience, and unique selling points. We also researched the client's industry and competitors in order to get a better understanding of the market and what sets the client apart.

Reviewing existing branding materials: Si Cooki already established the brand, so we reviewed their existing materials, such as their social media profiles, and marketing materials, to get a sense of their current branding and identify any areas for improvement.

New branding materials: We have put existing and new content together and structured it in the brand story on a new website, the following steps can be taken. We determined the hierarchy of the content, deciding which pieces should be given more emphasis and which should be secondary. We also created a rough outline/ wireframe of the website, placing the content in the appropriate sections and determining the layout and flow of the pages.

Webdevelopment: We implemented the content onto the website, using the chosen design elements and branding to create a cohesive and visually appealing user experience. MHmarketing also added additional functionality to thewebsite. Through third-party plugins e-commerce features we enabled to client to interact with the client, even after the conversion.

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