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brand strategy & design

resonate your brand with your audience

brand strategy

we define your target audience, identify the key characteristics and benefits of your brand so your rise above competition.

ui-ux design

We create interfaces that are intuitive and easy to use, enabling your users to accomplish their goals quickly and efficiently.

e-commerce design

visual design, interaction design, and information architecture, with the goal of creating a user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing shopping experience for your brand.

websites & development

your brand's  visual appearance.


showcase your brand online with an interface and visual design that reflects your brand's values and identity.

e-commerce development

from easy-to-navigate to payment options and database integration. experience is key for an user friendly experience and to convert your user.

no-code development

we use an accessible and cost-friendly way to create websites and support success of businesses and organizations of all sizes.

online marketing

your playground for growth

research & strategy

We identify your product or service, research market and competition an develop a compelling brand message.

campaign management

planning, analyzing and executing your paid and organice online campaign. Using various tools and tactics to measure and optimize your campaign's performance.

visibility & awareness

creating static and dynamic content for your search and social media campaigns. We help your customer establish their personal brand so the have you top of mind, constanly.


What they think

“MHmarketing succeeded in translating all input and ideas into a professional and well-arranged website. .”
juliette zwagemakers
workplace giving
“Mhmarketing is great to work with, their knowledge and professionalism make them an important link within our company.”
Peter Schuitema
“mhmarketing thinks along with the customer and brings new ideas to take the company to a higher level.”
Anne Mühl
si cooki
what exact services does mhmarketing offer?

We provide you with a wide range of services to boost your brand online.

From a branding strategy where we research your audience and identify your targets, to UI (user interface) designs and UX (user expercience) design on how your product or service looks and feels to the user. UI includes ;ayout, visualdesign ans interactive elements. Our goal is to create an intuitive, easy-to-use interface that guides the user throu a product or service and help them achieve their goals. with ux design we focus on usability and functionality so the user will experience an enyoyable and efficient visit to your website.

and conclude how your brand should present itself, To ui- UX designs including customer journey roadmaps and brand visuals online.

We also build and maintain websites for branding and e-commerce purpose. This includes designing and building the website, implementing features and functions to enable customers to browse and purchase products, setting up a secure payment gateway for transactions, and integrating the website with inventory and order management systems. We do this with the latest e-commerce trends and best practices in mind. such as mobile optimization, responsive design, and security measures to protect sensitive customer data.

MHmarketing also helps you succeed online which can vary per product, service or business. It includes generating traffic with online marketing by attracting potential customers to your platform and converting them into valuable users. We do this through paid campaigns via search engine advertising and social advertising. And through search engine advertising techniguews, so your brand can improve its website's ranking in search engine results pages, making you more visible to potential customers.

Also keep content creation in mind. from advertising and organic social posts, all very relevant for your user's brand experience.

How much does mhmarketing charge for its services?

The price of our service is based on a variety of factors, including the type of work being performed, the complexity of the project, the amount of time and resources required, and the level of expertise needed. It can be difficult to determine an exact price without more information about your specific project.

In general, we charge by hour or by project. Hourly rates can vary widely, depending on the level of expertise of the team members, and other factors. Project-based fees may be quoted based on the scope of work, the number of deliverables, and the timeline for completion.

When you're interested in our service, we can discuss your project needs and budget together to determine the most appropriate pricing structure and rate.

Can mhmarketing provide examples of work?

we get this question very often. it is common to have case studies or examples of our work available for to review. These case studies can provide valuable insights into our capabilities and successes, and can help your understand the results that mhmarketing has been able to achieve for other clients.

You can also ask for references or testimonials from past and current clients to learn more about their experiences working with mhmarketing. This can help you make an informed decision about whether we are the right fit for your needs.

What is mhmarketing's approach to measuring succes?

Effective measurement and reporting can help ensure that mhmarketing is meeting its goals and delivering value to its clients.

This may involve tracking key performance indicators (KPIs) such as website traffic, lead generation, conversions, and sales, as well as other metrics that are relevant to the specific project goals.

The approach to measurement and reporting will depend on the specific goals of the project and the KPIs that have been established. It may involve using tools and analytics platforms to track data and performance, as well as regular reporting to clients to provide updates and insights on progress.

If you are considering working with us, we'' give you more insights on our approach to measurement and reporting, and to discuss any specific goals or KPIs that you would like to track as part of the project.

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